Unitary Engineering Services builds on legacy and embraces the future under new leadership

Unitary Engineering Services builds on legacy and embraces the future under new leadership

Unitary Engineering Services (UES), a leading provider of comprehensive building services in the Southwest, South Wales and the Midlands, has announced full transfer of ownership to Adam Griffiths, Managing Director and son of founder Roger Griffiths. This exciting development marks a new chapter for the company, built upon a strong legacy of innovation and outstanding building solutions.

Founded in 1986 as an industrial heating specialist, UES has successfully diversified its products and services alongside its clients' needs over the years, becoming their strategic partner in building services - from design and installation to ongoing maintenance. In recent years, the company has achieved impressive sixfold growth, expanding its geographical coverage and more than doubling its back-office team. Through strategic partnerships and streamlined operations, UES prioritises swift and comprehensive service, always aligning with each client's vision.

Now, with Adam at the helm, UES embarks on a new phase of its journey. Committed to environmental responsibility, Adam leads the company towards B Corp certification - a first in the mechanical sector - demonstrating their dedication to ethical business practices and sustainability. Furthermore, UES actively promotes renewable solutions like heat pump installations, participating in the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and is investing in skilled junior engineers and apprentices to build expertise in this increasingly crucial area.

"It's an honour to take over the reins of UES, a company my father built with dedication and innovation," said Adam Griffiths, Managing Director of UES. "We continue his legacy by embracing sustainable solutions, empowering future generations, and delivering exceptional service to our clients. We're excited for the future and confident that our commitment to ethical business practices and environmental responsibility will position us for continued success."

Adam's UES story isn't just about inheriting a legacy, but actively building upon it. Starting as an engineer 23 years ago, Adam worked within the team to develop his industry skills and knowledge, before moving into other areas of the business to deepen his understanding of operations and wider industry. After shadowing Roger, Adam became a director in 2015, and now takes full control of UES ready to pivot into its next stage of growth.

"Handing over UES to Adam has been a moment of immense pride," said Roger Griffiths, founder of UES. "Witnessing his passion for the business, his commitment to our values, and his drive for innovation fills me with confidence in the future of the company. I have no doubt that under his leadership, UES will continue to thrive and contribute positively to the industry and the environment."

The family transaction was advised and supported by the GS Verde Group, offering multiple disciplines within one team to advise UES across all aspects of the transfer of ownership and ensuring a smooth transition for the business that aligned with the family's goals.


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